Sinclair ZX Spectrum Archive Emulator Collection - Games, Books, Videos and more on 2 DVD Discs

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* Images used here are of a much lower resolution than those provided on the DVD
An incredible 2 DVD Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator Software and Video Collection.  Everything you need and more to re-live the glory days of home computing on your PC or MAC

This amazing collection on two absolutely jam-packed DVD's contains... 
  • Over 13,000 games, utilities, business tools, compilations, cover tapes, tape magazines
    • All ready to load on your PC or MAC with the included emulator that plays, looks and sounds exactly like the real thing!
    • Play classic games including Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner, Turbo Esprit, Match Day, The Hobbit, Back to Skool, Wheelie, 3D Deathchase, Technician Ted, Bombjack, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Hyper Sports, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Batman, Head Over Heels, Micronaut One, Rebel Star, R-Type, Rainbow Islands, Chuckie Egg. T.L.L, Trashman, The Sentinel, Starquake, Elite, Lords of Midnight, Match Point, Football Manager, The Way of the Exploding Fist, Tetris, Kokotoni Wilf etc, etc, etc!
    • Remember playing your favourite Spectrum game?  It will almost certainly be on this collection.  If you want to check simply get in touch and we will let you know!
  • Folders stuffed full of PDF books, adverts, cassette inlays, manuals, game maps and much more!
  • The complete run of "BIG K" magazine (1984 to 1985) - all 12 issues in high quality PDF format 
  • Fascinating period films and videos including "Commercial Break" - an amazing 1984 documentary looking at the exploding home computer market and the sorry demise of Imagine Software and Chris Tarrant presenting the "World's Greatest Computer Games of 1984"
  • This is the ultimate ZX Spectrum collection - just install the emulator, select a game and be taken back to instant retro Speccy heaven!

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ZX Spectrum Archive Emulator Collection - Games, Books, Videos and more on 2 DVD Discs

Almost 9 GIGS of nostalgia in total and a must for any lover of Sir Clive's wonderful rubber keyed creation!

Order now and relive the glory years of 8-bit home computing on the wonderful Speccy!!

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